Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Planting and Harvesting

It's been warm, sunny, and beautiful every day recently, so we've been working out in the garden quite a bit, planting new seedlings for Spring.

So far we've set out 6 Roma Tomato Plants, 6 Green Bell Peppers, 2 Japanese Eggplants, 2 Jalapeno Peppers, 6 cayenne peppers, and some herbs. There are 6 zucchini plants that still need to go in the ground, but we haven't decided where to put them yet.


Blaze and I also dug the fairy garden out of it's winter covering of straw and fixed it up.


The little gazebo in the fairy garden was something I made last year out of an old bird feeder we found, that had no floor anymore. To make a new floor for it, I filled in the empty space with polished rocks and plaster-of -paris. Then I used water proof glue to stick sheet moss all over the roof. It's held up pretty well through all kinds of weather. Just a little bit of the moss is dangling down now. The little park bench and the wooden carving came from thrift stores last summer.
Last summer we had made a path out of crushed shells, which was very pretty at first because they sparkled in the sun, but they had washed away since then, so Blaze and I repaved the path with polished rocks from the dollar store.


Bean plants and snow peas have started growing up the bamboo tepee


and we've been harvesting snow peas every day.



Dawn said...

I love the little fairy garden! And fresh peas...those look yummy.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Fresh peas! LUCKY! What a great treat. :) I love the fairy garden. Cyan has been wanting me to help her make another one at this house for weeks... but, unlike you, we have not had the greatest weather for it. Perhaps soon.


Crafty Crow