Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Fun and Games

Last night was the Halloween Haunted House for university family housing.
At first Blaze didn't want to play any of the games they had set up. He told me he was scared of the games, but he did want to go through the Haunted House. He told me he was going to be very brave going through that, and he was. He enjoyed the Haunted House so much he wanted to do it again.
There was free pizza and popcorn, and after we ate, Blaze decided to try some of the games.

This one gave out free tooth brushes and travel sized tooth paste tubes instead of candy:



As we were leaving, Blaze told me that he had changed his mind about the games and now he liked them.
I think the crowds had been the real problem the whole time, because by the time I convinced him to play some of the games, the lines had become much smaller. He is often apprehensive in large groups, especially large groups of children. It's only recently that we've found out that this is because of audio processing problems. Groups of people talking at once becomes confusing, maybe even painful, white noise to him.

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