Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lighting the Magic Candle


When I was a child, our school Librarian had an intricately carved candle that she told us was magic. When she lit the candle at the beginning of story time, it signaled that there was to be no further talking, because the story was beginning. When she had finished reading, she would let us all blow out the candle together and make a wish. The lit candle really set the mood for our quiet story times. The way that the librarian presented story time made it extra special for all of the children and we always looked forward to going.

That candle was magic, because it transformed our school library with 28 children crowded together on the floor, into a cozy, intimate sharing of a story. It also made a beautiful lasting memory that I have decided I want to pass on.

Last night before I started reading our bedtime story (we are reading Little House in the Big Woods, one chapter a night), I told Blaze about the magic candle and placed a pillar candle in a small cast iron cauldron on the shelf next to his bed. He was very excited about watching the new candle wick burn down to where it met the wax and then settle into a steady flame. He interrupted the reading only once, to point out that Ma and Laura were using a candle just like we were.

When we were done with the chapter, we blew out the candle together, each of us making a wish.



Sandra said...

I think you used Blaze's real name.

Crescent Moon said...

Thank you so much for catching that! This is what happens when I write while still half asleep in the morning.

Sandra said...

No problem. I wasn't sure if it was on purpose or accident, so I thought I should mention it.

Crafty Crow