Friday, October 24, 2008

Things Have Changed

I am, as of today, back to homeschooling Blaze full-time.

Since school began at the end of August, Blaze has been attending the small private school where I work. He has only been going 4 days a week and I have continued to work with him at home on Fridays and school holidays. Yesterday, however, we were told that he would not be welcome back at the school.
They have determined that his social skills are too far below age level and he is too "special needs" for the younger elementary teacher to handle.
I have been very stressed the past couple weeks, because I have been asked to fix behavioral problems that seem to occur only in the classroom setting, even though I have never witnessed these behaviors.
So, I have had conferences with his speech and occupational therapists and they have started working on social skills with him. The occupational therapist also recommended therapeutic brushing, so I have committed myself to brushing him every 2 hour, for 3 weeks, so he will have the sensory stimulation he needs ( I was told by the principal that her teachers would not be permitted to do the brushing, so I've been doing that for him at school, as well).
The O.T. had also planned to visit the school to see how Blaze interacts with other children, since she has also not observed him being aggressive when she has co-treated him with other kids. Now she will not be able to do that.
Blaze is also now on a waiting list to see a behavioral specialist for testing, because I was really doing everything I could to fix this problem.

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