Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Blaze got another gift yesterday.

Two years ago, my friend, Vera asked Blaze about his favorite colors and began to crochet a blanket for him using the choices he'd made. Yesterday, he was given a very vibrantly colored, beautifully crocheted blanket. She says that it is the first blanket she has ever made that is not symmetrical,but that she likes to think about the person she's making a blanket for, while she crochets, and Blaze is not symmetrical.



Anonymous said...

Those are some wild curls! :D

Crescent Moon said...

Yes, He's been refusing to let me use the electric sheers on him this time, like I have in the past. He says everybody likes his curls, so he doesn't want me to cut them all off. My husband says he'll take him for his first professional hair cut soon.

Crafty Crow