Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Saint Lucia Day !

When I was growing up, my mother would make St. Lucia buns on December 13th. They are saffron buns shaped like "S", figure eights, or cats, decorated with currants or raisins.


I was going to make these today, but instead I got up early and went to the huge yard sale they were having at the school this morning. I came away with several treasures without spending more than $10, so I am happy, even if I didn't make yummy baked goods for my family.
One of my greatest finds this morning, was a Harry Potter pillow exactly like the one that Blaze accidentally left behind in a hotel room 2 years ago. We had already been driving for several hours when he realized he didn't have it, and he cried and cried. This morning he will wake up to find it behind his head.

So, happy St. Lucia Day! If you want to make something special for today, I found this Kirsten paper doll on a free paper doll website:


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