Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools


Family Fun has some printable April Fools Day pranks. I'm using their word search with my tutoring students this morning. It gives a list of words to find, but the only real words to find are "April Fools". I'm going to hand out the word searches and tell the children that it is to keep them busy while I go use the copy machine to run off their real reading comprehension worksheets.
I've also printed off the fake field trip permission slip.

For people who just want to read about great hoaxes of the past, The Museum of Hoaxes has a list of the top 100 of all time:


Tammy said...

Oh wow...I've been laughing for the past 20 minutes at the top 100 April fools hoaxes from the link you gave us. What a hoot!

Ula said...

I have the museum of hoaxes book, I would highly recommend it to anyone who had an interest of the history of, well, hoaxes. It's really interesting reading I loved it.

Crafty Crow