Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eggshell Gardening

We have started some basil seeds in eggshells filled with potting soil, since basil did incredibly well in last Summer's garden, but it may be awhile yet before we plant them in the ground. Tonight our little basil seedlings are spending the night inside the apartment, because freezing temperatures have been predicted.


It's a funny time of year when you can go swimming at the beach one day, and then 3 days later be worried that the garden will freeze.

Eggshells with attitude, one drawn by Blaze and one by DH.

I harvested quite a few snow peas today, which DH used to make a stirfry for dinner, and I filled Blaze's little basket with lettuce, which we can use for a salad tomorrow, but some creature has been eating all the tops off my green bean plants.



Val in the Rose Garden said...

We did an eggshell garden this year as well! I will wait until they are root bound before I put them outside. Last year we had 2 inches of snow on April 19th. Yikes!

Good luck with your basil. It is some good stuff.


Tammy said...

The weather seems to be like that everywhere, nice one day and yucky the next. That's spring, eh?

Someday we are going to do some eggshell gardening.

Crafty Crow